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    Portable/Home 40A EV Charger

    Supercharge your EV with the EVDANCE Level 2 Charger! Its 40A/240V output charges up to 8x faster, giving you a speedy rate of 29~36 miles per hour. Universal compatibility, intelligent features, and top-notch safety make it the ultimate choice. Power up with EVDANCE and hit the road with American speed and style!

    EV Charger FAQs

    The adapter allows EV owners to use charging stations that have a different connector type than their vehicle's J1772 port. For example, if a charging station has a different connector, such as a Tesla Supercharger connector or a CHAdeMO connector, the J1772 adapter can be used to bridge the connection.

    The J1772 adapter is not directly associated with a specific speed. J1772 is a standard connector used for electric vehicle (EV) charging in North America. It defines the physical design and electrical specifications for the charging interface.

    Yes, you can use a J1772 adapter to charge a Tesla vehicle if it has a J1772 charging port. The adapter allows you to connect your Tesla to public charging stations or outlets that have a J1772 connector.

    The charging speed of a J1772 EV charger depends on several factors, including the power output of the charging station and the capabilities of your electric vehicle's onboard charger. Typically, J1772 chargers provide Level 2 charging, which can range from 3.3 kW to 19.2 kW.

    In general, a J1772 adapter can be used with any electric vehicle that has a J1772 charging port. However, it's always recommended to consult your EV manufacturer's guidelines or customer support to ensure compatibility and safety.

    Well, its because the adapter just a connecter, for better connect charger to power your car. says Voltage:DC 200-1000V means the adapter are accepted outlets 200-1000V current.

    J1772 chargers are primarily designed for Level 2 charging, which provides AC power. They are not compatible with DC fast charging standards like CHAdeMO or CCS (Combined Charging System). For fast charging, EVs typically require specific charging infrastructure designed for DC fast charging.

    Yes, J1772 adapters are available for purchase separately from various retailers or EV accessory suppliers. Ensure that you choose a reliable and reputable adapter that meets safety standards and guarantees compatibility with your EV.

    At EVDANCE, we've got you covered if you own a J1772 EV! Explore our extensive range of EVDANCE J1772-compatible EV chargers, home chargers, charging stations, Tesla to J1772 Adapters, and more. Plus, don't miss our portable EV chargers, including the powerful 40 amp electric car charger and the convenient 32 amp charger for Level 2 charging on the go!

    Looking for adapters? Discover the EVDANCE Tesla to J1772 Adapter, granting J1772 drivers access to Tesla chargers and expanding their charging options by over 15,000 across the country!

    And that's not all – check out our exciting EV charging bundles and much more, like the EVDANCE 40 amp Level 2 Charger + Tesla to J1772 Adapter combo. Charge up from any J1772 or Tesla charger – the choice is yours with EVDANCE!

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