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    Portable/Wall-Mounted 32A Tesla Charger

    Experience fast, versatile, and safe charging for your Tesla with the EVDANCE Tesla Charger. Designed for both portable and home use, this charger offers exceptional compatibility with all Tesla models. With a charging capacity of up to 32A, it can deliver up to 30 miles of range per hour, ensuring you spend less time waiting and more time on the road.

    Tesla Mobile Connector vs EVDANCE Portable/Wall-Mounted Tesla Charger

    • Versatility: The EVDANCE charger offers both portable and wall-mounted options. This flexibility allows you to use it at home or take it with you on the go. Whether you're charging in your garage or at a friend's house, the EVDANCE charger adapts to your needs.
    • Longer Cable Length: With a 25 ft charging cable, the EVDANCE charger provides extra reach compared to the Tesla Mobile Connector. This added length gives you more flexibility in positioning your vehicle during charging.
    • Durability: The EVDANCE charger features a longer handle and a molded strain relief mechanism. This design helps prevent cable damage and ensures long-lasting durability, reducing the risk of cable breakage over time.
    • Easy-to-Read LED Indicators: The EVDANCE charger includes LED indicators that provide clear and easy-to-understand information. Additionally, the embedded reference table at the back of the charger helps you quickly interpret the meaning of the indicator lights, making it convenient to monitor the charging status.
    • Home Portable 2 in 1: The EVDANCE charger comes with a complimentary control box bracket, allowing you to use it at home as a wall-mounted charger. The easy disassembly feature lets you take it with you on your travels, providing a portable charging solution for on-the-go convenience.

    Tesla Chargers FAQs

    Tesla offers various charging options, including the Wall Connector, Mobile Connector, and Supercharger network, each designed for specific use cases and charging speeds.

    The Tesla Wall Connector is a home charging solution designed for convenient and fast charging. It can be installed on a wall and provides higher charging speeds compared to standard outlets.

    The Tesla Supercharger network consists of high-speed charging stations strategically located along travel routes. Tesla vehicle owners can use these stations for rapid charging during long-distance trips.

    Tesla charging stations are primarily designed for Tesla vehicles and typically use proprietary connectors. Non-Tesla EVs may not be compatible with Tesla's charging infrastructure without specific adapters.EVDANCE's Mini Tesla To J1772 Adapter allows you to use the Tesla Station with your favourite electric car.

    The Tesla Mobile Connector is a portable charging solution that comes with Tesla vehicles. It enables EV charging using various power sources, such as standard outlets or higher-powered connections.

    Tesla chargers support different power levels. The Wall Connector can be configured for various amperage settings, offering different charging speeds. Superchargers provide significantly higher power levels for rapid charging.

    Tesla vehicles are compatible with certain non-Tesla charging stations that use standardized connectors like J1772 or CCS. However, charging speeds and capabilities may vary based on the station's specifications.

    esla provides maps and navigation systems in its vehicles and mobile app that display the locations of Tesla charging stations. Additionally, these stations are often located near major highways and in urban areas for easy accessibility.

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