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    EV Adapter FAQs

    EV adapters are used for EV chargers which connect the type 1 or type 2 to charge the car, different regions or countries may have different standards for charging connectors and power outlets. For example, in North America, the standard charging connector for electric vehicles is the SAE J1772, while in Europe, the Type 2 (or Mennekes) connector is commonly used. In addition, there are other types of connectors, such as the CHAdeMO and CCS (Combined Charging System), which are used for fast charging.

    An EV charger adapter works by providing a physical and electrical connection between the charging station or power outlet and the electric vehicle's charging port.

    Yes, after we mamufacture adapter, we will test the funtion, the speed, the meterial make sure it works. after that send to FCC, CE organization to test. EVDANCE's Charger and Adapter are all with FCC and CE Certificate.

    No, the J1772 connector used by many electric vehicles is not directly compatible with Tesla Level 2 chargers, which typically use a proprietary connector called the Tesla Connector or Tesla HPWC (High Power Wall Connector).

    Most of today's all-electric vehicles and PHEVs use lithium-ion batteries, include so there is no memory effect, this means there is no need to deplete the battery before charging. We recommend plugging in as often as possible.

    Well, its because the adapter just a connecter, for better connect charger to power your car. says Voltage:DC 200-1000V means the adapter are accepted outlets 200-1000V current.

    In fact, we suggest you order EV adapter withLevel1/2 Charger, orJ1772 charger adapter,CCS 1 adapterto charging your car. which more suitable for your car, you need to check the car charger plug.

    We says they are more efficient because less current is required for the same amount of power. but we need to metion it, adapter don't have any ajustable funtion. Only Ev charger station will adjustable funtion becase they have controll.

    If says from the speed or tech, yes, because DC Charger has converter inside the charger itself. means it can charger direct to car, doesn't need the onboard like AC Charger. DC Charger are bigger, and faster than AC Chager. but which one more good for you, it depend to the car if support

    We offer kinds of adapter, likeJ1772 to Tesla adapter,CCS Combo 1 To Tesla Adapter,Tesla to J1772 Charging Adapterand so on, choose the one you needed.

    EV Charging Adapters

    When you need to connect different types of charging interfaces, our EV Adapter series can perfectly meet your needs. Whether you need to connect a J1772 charging device to a Tesla vehicle, convert a Tesla vehicle charging port to J1772, or adapt a CCS1 charging station to a Tesla vehicle, we provide high-quality adapters to ensure a safe, fast, and reliable charging experience

    Tesla to J1772 Adapter

    To adapt more widely to other charging devices, we offer a Tesla to J1772 adapter. This allows your Tesla vehicle charging port to seamlessly connect with J1772 charging stations, providing you with more convenient charging options.

    Enhance your shopping experience with BundleSave options, allowing you to conveniently select compatible adapter and cable bundles while enjoying cost-saving benefits.

    J1772 to Tesla Adapter

    Suitable for situations where you need to connect a J1772 charging device to the Tesla vehicle charging port. Our adapter perfectly converts interface standards, ensuring a smooth charging process while maintaining the safety of the vehicle's electronic systems.

    Expand your choices with our extensive range of EV Chargers and Cables, including NEMA 5-15NEMA 6-20NEMA 14-5 Plugs, catering to various power supply needs. Choose the right plug and cable combination that suits your charging infrastructure for a hassle-free experience.

    CCS1 to Tesla Adapter

    Addressing the connection issue between CCS1 charging stations and Tesla vehicles, our adapter offers the best solution for specific car models. It efficiently and safely converts the interface, ensuring charging speed and vehicle safety.

    V2L Adapter

    The V2L Adapter allows you to convert your Hyundai Ioniq 5, Ioniq 6, and Kia EV6 charging ports into a convenient 15 Amp AC outlet. It's a portable and versatile solution for on-the-go power needs.

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