CCS1 to Tesla Adapter
250KW Power DC Charging CCS Combo 1 To Tesla Adapter - EVDANCE
Tesla Plug ccs Socket
250KW Power DC Charging CCS Combo 1 To Tesla Adapter - EVDANCE
250KW Power DC Charging CCS Combo 1 To Tesla Adapter - EVDANCE
access 6000+css. with Fast DC Charging stations
250KW Power DC Charging CCS Combo 1 To Tesla Adapter - EVDANCE
Comatible with all tesla models
EVDANCE 250KW Power DC Charging CCS Combo 1 To Tesla Adapter

EVDANCE 250KW Power DC Charging CCS Combo 1 To Tesla Adapter

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Fast Charging: The 250KW adapter allows you to quickly charge at more than 5,000 CCS charging stations nationwide and fully charge your car in just a few hours.

Compatibility: Compatible with Tesla Model S, X, Y, and 3, compatible with all CCS chargers, and Compatible with Tesla cars with CCS enabled, please upgrade CCS before use.

Premium materials: With an IP65 rating, the CCS adapter protects against water mist, is perfect for outdoor use, is small in size, is easy to fit in the car, and is fast and easy to charge your electric car.

Specifications: This adapter has a maximum rating of 500A and DC 200-1000V, a maximum power tail of 250KW, and an ambient temperature tail of -30℃(-22℉) to 50℃(122℉).

Warranty & Quality Assurance: We guarantee that our CCS 1 Tesla Charger Adapter for Tesla Model Y/3/X/S has undergone full testing and certification by the FCC&CE. If you encounter any quality problems within 1 year of purchase, we will replace the product for you free of charge.

Voltage:DC 200-1000V
Current:500A Max
Power:250kW Max
IP Rating:IP65
Connector Type:Male CCS1 -Female Tesla NACS
Storage Temperature:-40℃~+85℃
Material:PC,Silver-plated Copper

Compatible with all Tesla S, 3, X, Y

1 year warranty and We offer a 30-day guarantee on receipt

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Discover CCS Adapter Compatible with Level 3 Fast Charging Station for Tesla

Our advanced charging technology ensures that your vehicle charges at its maximum speed, delivering a swift and efficient charging experience. DC fast charging can deliver 100 RPH or more, EVDANCE CCS adapter support up to 250kW, Full-speed Charging your Tesla to 80 percent in 30 minutes.

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Confirm CCS Enabled

Unlock the power of convenience with our CCS-enabled product. Experience lightning-fast charging that eliminates the wait. Our product utilizes CCS's high energy density, packing more power into a compact design.

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It is designed to enhance safety during the charging process by preventing the connector from accidentally detaching or dropping while charging. Fast Charger Tesla from any CCS charger.

DC fast charging can deliver 100 RPH or more, EVDANCE CCS adapter support up to 250kW, Full-speed Charging your Tesla to 80 percent in 30 minutes

Waterproof Design IP65 use for any weather for home or outdoor use


See How we Use that

how use the EVDANCE CSS Combo 1


The adapter acts as an intermediary between the CCS Combo 1 charging station and the Tesla vehicle. It converts the charging signals and protocols from the CCS Combo 1 standard to the Tesla-specific charging protocol, allowing the vehicle to charge using the CCS Combo 1 infrastructure.

Compatible with Tesla model S, X, Y and 3, compatible with all CCS chargers, Compatible with Tesla cars with CCS enabled, please upgrade CCS before use.

The EVDANCE 250KW Power DC Charging CCS Combo 1 to Tesla Adapter is designed to support charging power of up to 250KW. However, the actual charging power may depend on the capabilities of the charging station and the compatibility with your Tesla vehicle.

Mud flaps are designed to provide protection for your vehicle's paintwork and undercarriage by minimizing the amount of mud, debris, and water that splashes onto the body. They can help prevent damage and corrosion caused by road debris, especially in wet or muddy conditions.

This item is Tesla supercharger (CCS1) only designed for Tesla electric vehicles that cannot be switched between two sides. But we have design another adapter support TESLA connect to J1772 adapter, Order before check the size and function you want.

This EVDANCE CSS1 Tesla DC charging adapter has a high-light design with a locking pin. It’s a grateful for a prevent removal when it works, and more security while charging.

Customer Reviews

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Does what you want...

This is a solid, heavy adapter that allows a Tesla to be charge by a non-Tesla, non-Supercharger, CCS1 charger. You could use this in a garage with a non-Tesla level 2 charger. More likely it will be used at a non-Tesla fast level 3 charging network like the EVGo network. It's a perfect solution. Full power is available through the converter.

CCS1 to Tesla adapter

This adapter has given me additional fast charging options beyond the Tesla network of supercharging stations. We have a model 3 and a model Y and this adapter works great at Volta DC fast charging station. Even more awesome is the 30 minutes of free charging at 150kW Volta station when we go shopping at a near-by grocery store. Pulling this adapter out and snap it on the CCS1 charging head , then inserting it into our model Y or 3 for fast charging. It works the same but at a fraction of the cost if we were to buy one. Recommend Tesla owners to have one for easy and fast charging for their cars.

Affordable tool that double my charging network

I've been using Tesla's super charging network on the go. But some areas like Vacouver, WA that I visited last month does not have great Tesla network at hotels. Instead, there are several DC fast charge like ChargePoint and EVgo available. In such scenarios, a CCS to Tesla adapter could solve this problem hence I got this adapter as a backup.It could charge as fast as 250Kw which is on par with many Supercharger out there. This specific adapter works as intended: CCS to EVgo's CCS charge cable without a problem, and on the car end, the Tesla plug works just fine with my Model X.Most of the time I won't use it, but as a backup solution, this is fantastic.

Karan Nischal
Easy to use Tesla CCS adapter

Very easy to use Tesla CCS adapter works great. Now I have more option to charge my Tesla. Love this adapter.

Sarra Nasim
250kw and the pin, it works fine

It has the pin of destiny. Ok, it has the plastic pin that is easy to break off that half of these simply omit. There are three kinds of these in my experience. You have 150kW with the pin, 250kW with the pin, and 250kW without the pin. I guess there might be 150kW versions with the pin out there, but I've never seen one. Most of them seem to come from the same exact factory in the same exact packaging with the same exact design. This one actually comes in different packaging and looks a little different from all the rest. Does that make any difference? Well, in my experience, no. It works exactly the same as every other one I've tested.

I tested this the same way I test them all. I have several because my genius cousin has lost THREE of them, and there are entirely too many Teslas on my farm. Anyway, I took this out to the nearest Electrify America, plugged in my Aunt's new Model X, went into a nearby store, goofed off for a half an hour or so, and came back to a fully charged Model X. I did check that the car was CCS compatible before I did this, and it was, although the Tesla website said it wasn't, which makes no sense. So, it works fine.

One thing I've noticed with these is that it's best to plug the adapter into the charger, then plug the whole thing into the car. That always seems to work. Plugging the adapter into the car and then the charger into the adapter can sometimes confuse the car.