EVDANCE Tesla EV Charging Extension Cable/Cord
EVDANCE Tesla EV Charging Extension Cable/Cord
EVDANCE Tesla EV Charging Extension Cable/Cord
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tesla charger extension cable
   tesla mobile connector extension cord
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Tesla Extension Cord

EVDANCE Tesla EV Charging Extension Cable/Cord

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  • Extend Your Tesla Charger - This Tesla extension cord is designed to safely and conveniently extend the distance between your charger and your Tesla by 21FT&50FT. It makes charging your Tesla simple and hassle-free.
  • Suitable for High Power Chargers - Our Tesla extension cord can handle a maximum of 50A at 240V, allowing for high-power charging of up to 12KW. Please note that the button on the cable does not control the door on the Tesla charge port.
  • Rugged Reliability - Built with heavy-duty construction and a weatherproof design, this charging cable is perfect for outdoor use. It provides a durable and reliable solution for charging your Tesla wherever you go.
  • Compatible with Tesla - Charge your Tesla effortlessly with this extension cord charging cable. It is specifically designed for use with Tesla High Powered Wall Connectors, all generations of Destination Chargers, and Mobile Connectors.
  • Not Supercharger Compatible - Please be aware that this extension cord is not compatible with Tesla Supercharging stations. It is intended for use with other Tesla charging options.
  • Safe and Durable Material - Our extension cord is made from high-quality PC material that meets UL 94 V-0 standards. The outer insulation of the cable is crafted from TPE material, and it features 5-micron silver-plated copper for added durability.
  • Package Included - This EV charging cable extension cord comes with a convenient carrying case to help you keep your cable organized and safely stored.

VoltageAC: 110-240V Single-Phase
Current:50A Max
Connector Type:Tesla NACSIP RatingIP66:Operating Temperature-30℃~+50℃
Storage Temperature:-40℃~+85℃
Material:PC,TPE,Silver-plated Copper
AccessoriesStorage: Bag,Velcro Tie

Model X,Y,3,S

1 year warranty and We offer a 30-day guarantee on receipt

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Don't worry if your tesla car far away from the charger, use our Tesla expand cable give more charging options

Tesla 50A Extension Cable.jpg__PID:57b5a69b-9e25-4a41-830d-fbedce1ac80d

EVDANCE Tesla EXtension Cable Compatible With All Tesla EVs with Tesla Inlet

Compatible with all Tesla EVs with Tesla Inlet

EVDANCE Tesla Mobile Connector Extension Cord Compatible With VariouTesla Connector

Compatible With variouTesla Connector.png__PID:d6b12b41-f5aa-4505-9945-05972db17237

Tesla Charging Cable Extension Fit For Tesla Inlet(US)

Fit For Tesla Inlet(US)

Our tesla extension cord is designed to withstand extreme weather conditions, making it suitable for use in any climate. ensuring that you can charge your electric vehicle without any interruptions or performance issues.

Weather for Tesla extension cords .jpg__PID:59004e2a-c991-4322-993b-af83d25859af

EVDANCE EV Tesla Extension Cable is Made of Premium Material Such as TEP PC & PA66

Made of Premium Materials

EVDANCE EV Tesla Charging Cord extension are Rigorously Tested

10000+ Plug in out Test.png__PID:da1452be-f3d0-46e2-96c2-e7b69a14ec56

Long-lasting Lifespan

After more than 10,000 times plug in and unplug tests, EVDANCE extension cord can still work normally.

Sturdy Exterior Casing.jpg__PID:b392c824-50e2-48b5-b86c-26f410d91f82

Sturdy Exterior Casing

Sturdy exterior casing and extension cord can endure 4400lbs load pressure.

Exceptional Durability.jpg__PID:764fabae-aca3-421a-92e0-5d760e09ba7c

Exceptional Durability

The extension cord has exceptional durability and can be bent over 15,000 times.

Installing the Tesla Extension Cable

EAsy to Connecct Your Tesla EVs.jpg__PID:ef285f58-ca08-4fad-bd8a-6373c79fbd4b


Yes, an extension cord can be used for charging a Tesla, but it must be a heavy-duty cord specifically designed for EV charging to ensure safety and proper power delivery.

Use a high-quality, heavy-duty extension cord that is rated for the maximum amperage and voltage required by your Tesla charger. Make sure it is designed for EV charging to ensure compatibility and safety.

When used correctly with the appropriate cord, EV charging with an extension cord can be safe. However, it is crucial to use a cord that meets the necessary specifications and safety standards to prevent overheating or power loss.

The best extension cord for Tesla charging is one that is specifically designed for EV charging, has the appropriate amperage and voltage ratings, and is made of high-quality materials with proper insulation for safety and reliable power transfer.

Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
It’s a good thing to have in your trunk!

Why you may not be using this extension cord every day, when you do need it you’re gonna be glad you have it. Whether it some type of congestion at a charging station or even at your house when you having a party and found out that everybody’s parked in front of your charger and you can’t get your Tesla close enough for the regular charging cord is excellent addition Teslas accessory kit!

Made Charger more accessible

Got this Charger Extension Cable because I have 3 teslas and one charger. When my son would charge his car and I drove up, I would have to park outside garage. Then after he was done, I would have to move my car . . .etc. This was very inconvenient. This extension solved that problem. Now my son can park on the side driveway, away from the garage and charge, when I come home, he is not in my way anymore. This works great and easy to attach and detach cords. This came w/ a bag, which I have been using for other things, it’s a nice bag to keep the extension in, but for us - the cable will be hanging in the garage permanently. Saved us time.

James Murphy
Durable and functional Tesla extension cable

EVDANCE might not be a 'household name' but they're a well known brand among EV owners. This item is simple enough but can be very important if your charger cable isn't long enough. 21 extra feet can make all the difference! It's very durable, weatherproof and already equipped the proper Tesla connections. It even has a carry case. First rate product. Recommended!

Charging Made Easy!

The ability to extend my Tesla charger an additional 21 feet has opened up a world of possibilities! Whether it's reaching distant outlets in public charging areas or simply making home charging more convenient, this extension cord has made charging simple. Its compatibility with high-power chargers, supporting up to 50A at 240V for up to 12KW of power, means I can charge my Tesla efficiently without compromising on speed. Built to withstand the elements, its heavy-duty construction and weatherproof capabilities give me confidence that my charging setup is secure, whether at home or on the go. The addition of the carrying case is a thoughtful touch that ties the whole package together. Recommended!

Super Heavy Duty Cord!

This extension cord is powerful, meets all Tesla vehicle standards, including the cybertruck, able to connect with any Tesla wall or portable chargers, however doesn’t work with superchargers.