how to use the EVDANCE tesla to j1772 adapter

how to use the EVDANCE tesla j1772 adapter

Tesla electric vehicles are known for their proprietary charging interface, while most other electric cars use the J1772 standard charging connector. In the United States, there are over 4,000 Tesla charging stations, while J1772 charging stations number more than 45,000. If you're the proud owner of a Chevrolet Bolt EV, Nissan, Ford, or any other non-Tesla electric vehicle, and you find yourself on a journey needing a recharge, you'll want to get your hands on a Tesla to J1772 adapter. Here are the general steps for making the most of this adapter.

1、Get a Tesla to J1772 Adapter: To start, you'll need to purchase a Tesla to J1772 adapter. You can usually find this adapter on the Tesla official website or from reputable suppliers like EVDANCE.

EVDANCE tesla to j1772 adapter

2、Open the Charging Port Cover: On your Tesla electric vehicle, locate and open the charging port cover. The port's location may vary depending on your EV model.

Open the Charging Port Cover

3、Connect the J1772 Charging Cable: Insert the J1772 charging cable into the other end of the Tesla to J1772 adapter.Connect the J1772 Charging Cable

4、Insert the Adapter: Plug the Tesla to J1772 adapter into your vehicle's charging port. You'll feel and hear a secure click to ensure it's properly connected.

Insert the Adapter

5、Start Charging: Activate the J1772 charging station, usually by pressing a start button or using a dedicated app for control. Follow the instructions provided by the charging station.Start Charging

6、Charging Completion: Once the charging is complete, stop the charging station and disconnect the charging cable. Remove the Tesla to J1772 adapter and close the charging port cover.

Please keep in mind that there might be variations in charging stations and procedures depending on your location. When using the Tesla to J1772 adapter, always follow safety guidelines and instructions provided by the charging station. Finally, EVDANCE is a dedicated company specializing in the development and sale of electric vehicle accessories. Their Tesla to J1772 adapter ensures that you can travel freely without worrying about your Electric Car's battery running low and not finding a suitable charging station.