Why would I need an EVDANCE CCS to Tesla adapter?

Why would I need an EVDANCE CCS to Tesla adapter?

If you're a Tesla owner, an EVDANCE CCS 1 to Tesla adapter is a must-have accessory. It's a device that allows you to use an existing charging station with your Tesla vehicle. The adapter will let you use your charger for ALL your Teslas—Model 3, S 、X and Y—and it works with all CCS1 stations. These adapters are sold at local stores and on our website .Tesla users know that fast charging isn't as common as we'd like it to be. The included J1772 adapter is only useful if you're not in a hurry.

What is the EVDANCE CCS 1 to Tesla Adapter?

The EVDANCE CCS Combo 1 adapter adapter is an adapter that allows you to charge your Tesla using the original Level 3 High Power Station (similar to a Supercharger) on your Tesla!
The CCS to Tesla adapter is a device that allows you to charge your Tesla on your Tesla using the original Level 3 High Power Station (similar to a Supercharger). Charging is provided by the CCS1 connector, which is compatible with all Model S, Model Y, Model X and Model 3 vehicles.

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Why does every Tesla owner need a CCS adapter?

The reason every Tesla owner needs a j1772 to tesla supercharger adapter is because Tesla Superchargers are built on their proprietary charging standard, not CCS1 (Common Charging Standard). As a result, Tesla vehicles cannot be charged directly at CCS1 charging posts and require a CCS1 adapter to convert the Tesla connector to a CCS1 standard interface for charging at CCS1 charging posts.
Tesla Superchargers have been a huge success in the past, but have faced some issues. Their fast charging speeds and location in densely populated areas have sometimes led to charging station congestion, with Tesla owners having to wait in queues for hours to charge. This situation reveals some of the challenges in the evolution of the electric vehicle industry.
To address this issue, Tesla Inc. is working to reduce its exclusivity and open up its charging connector standard to other manufacturers. The Tesla connector was recently rebranded as the North American Charging Standard (NACS), and other manufacturers can integrate this standard into their vehicles. Additionally, as of November 2021, Tesla has begun granting access to the Supercharger network to select European cities to enable more electric vehicles to use this charging network, not just limited to the Tesla brand.
As a result, in order to use CCS1 charging posts on Tesla vehicles, every Tesla owner will need a CCS1 adapter to be compatible with the CCS1 standard interface, thus expanding their charging options and flexibility.

  • Access to a wider charging network.
  • Flexibility during road trips.
  • Compatibility with non-Tesla electric vehicles.
  • Charging in areas with limited Supercharger coverage.
  • Future-proofing your charging capabilities.

If you're looking for an adapter to take your Tesla Model 3, X , Y, or S journey further, then the EVDANCE CCS Combo 1 Adapter to Tesla Adapter is the way to go. The connector can be installed in just a few minutes and removed just as quickly, making it perfect for those who are always on the go. It can also be installed in any vehicle, so you don't have to worry about taking up space in the trunk or backseat during transportation.